Validating the Paper Research

Mystery Connections

Ethnic Breakdowns

What do we know?

I took Ancestry.com's autosomal DNA test. This generally costs $99 unless there's a sale. In short, you spit into a tube and send it off to Ancestry. They let you know when it's processed (don't forget to activate the kit before sending it off!).



Below is a cousin that shares enough DNA that Ancestry predicted we were 2nd-3rd cousins. This cousin also had their family tree on Ancestry.com and just to make it extra easy, Ancestry automatically found our shared ancestors and how we're related!

What do we learn from this?


Basically this is saying the DNA validates and supports what we already guessed.


Franz Henry Brieden and Mary Anna Ganzuage had both Fred William and Charles Ben. All those descendants are supported and backed up by DNA evidence.



Some part of Franz Henry and Mary Anna continues to exist in both myself and this cousin. Amazing.

The name Franz or Frantz continues to pop up on the VoVillia side. Frank VoVillia, in particular, is highly likely to be 2nd or 3rd cousins with a handful of DNA contributers who all have Franz in their family tree.